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Disease Groupings: What are They, How are They Used, and How Do They Compare Internationally?

Author: Lucyk, Kelsey; Lu, Mingshan; Sajobi, Tolulope; Quan, Hude

Source: Perspectives in Health Information Management

Publication Date: July 2016


The purpose of this article is to review diagnosis-related group (DRG) systems by introducing the concept of disease groupings, describing the country-specific DRGs based on the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), and comparing country-specific disease classif....

Revisiting Unrelated Surgical Procedures (MS-DRGs 981-989)

Author: Wilson, Donna D

Source: CodeWrite

Publication Date: February 2016

Make a fresh start in the new year by revamping coding compliance plans to include a second level review of all claims that group into MS-DRGs 981-989 (Operating Room Procedure/Unrelated to Principal Diagnosis). Historically, MS-DRGs 981-989 have been "low hanging fruit" for outside audito....

Improving and Measuring Inpatient Documentation of Medical Care within the MS-DRG System: Education, Monitoring, and Normalized Case Mix Index

Author: Rosenbaum, Benjamin P; Lorenz, Robert R; Luther, Ralph B; Knowles-Ward, Lisa; Kelly, Dianne L; Weil, Robert J

Source: Perspectives in Health Information Management

Publication Date: July 2014


Documentation of the care delivered to hospitalized patients is a ubiquitous and important aspect of medical care. The majority of references to documentation and coding are based on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related....

FY 2012 Changes to the Hospital IPPS

Author: DeVault, Kathryn

Source: Journal of AHIMA - Coding Notes

Publication Date: November 2011

The final rule for the FY 2012 Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment System was released August 1, 2011. Changes in the rule went into effect with October 1, 2011, inpatient discharges.
MS-DRG Documentation and Coding Adjustment

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services....

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