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Preparing for ICD-10 While in an ICD-9 World: The Importance of Clinical Documentation and Coding Integrity (CDCI™) Programs Being Early Adopters of ICD-10

Author: Doty, Laura; Kruse, Marion G.

Source: AHIMA Convention

Publication Date: October 02, 2011


Unless you are living under a rock or plan on retiring (or plan on winning the lottery) you are probably aware of the United States adopting ICD-10 and beginning to worry about what this means for you and your organization. The focus of this paper is to explore the impact of....

Preparing for ICD-10- CM/PCS Implementation: Impact on Productivity and Quality

Author: Stanfill, Mary H; Hsieh, Kang Lin; Beal, Kathleen; Fenton, Susan H.

Source: Perspectives in Health Information Management

Publication Date: July 2014


Coding productivity is expected to drop significantly during the lead-up to and in the initial stages of ICD-10-CM/PCS implementation, now expected to be delayed until October 1, 2015. This study examined the differences in coding productivity between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-....

Preparing for ICD-10-CM in Physician Practices

Author: Kuehn, Lynn

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: August 2009

What will change under ICD-10-CM, and what must be done to prepare? This is the year for physician practices to get their ducks in a row: become informed, assess their IT and training needs, and make a plan that leads to the October 1, 2013, deadline.

On September....

Preparing for ICD-10-CM: A Clinician's Perspective

Author: Rose, Eric

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: July 2009

America’s physician practices are facing the biggest change in healthcare coding in decades: the replacement of ICD-9-CM by ICD-10-CM. This article discusses ICD-10-CM from a clinical perspective and reviews how electronic health record (EHR) systems will need to adapt to the transition.....

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