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Fracture Treatment Poses Coding Challenge: Multiple Treatment Options Require Special Attention

Author: Hutchinson, Mark R.; Stanfill, Mary H

Source: Journal of AHIMA - Coding Notes

Publication Date: April 2003

There are 206 bones in the human body and each is susceptible to fracture. The choices in fracture management are complex and based on a number of issues including fracture type, fracture pattern, specific bone, age of fracture, age of patient, associated injuries, and physician preference. Co....

Sepsis, Related Terms Cause Confusion for Coders: Set the Record Straight About Sepsis, SIRS, Septic Shock

Author: Prophet-Bowman, Sue

Source: Journal of AHIMA - Coding Notes

Publication Date: May 2003

Sepsis, severe sepsis, SIRS, and septic shock have long been a source of confusion for coders. New ICD-9-CM codes established recently for Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS), and additional proposed code revisions have added to the confusion regarding the differentiation among these....

Internal Radiation Brings Hope to Prostate Cancer Patients: With Brachytherapy Treatment Come New HCPCS Codes

Author: Kostick, Karen M.

Source: Journal of AHIMA - Coding Notes

Publication Date: September 2003

In 2003, the American Cancer Society estimates that 220, 900 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the US, making it the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men.1 Today in the US, patients with prostate cancer have access to less invasive surgical cancer treatment plans. This arti....

CPT Category III Codes Cover New, Emerging Technologies: New Codes Developed to Address Issues in Light of HIPAA

Author: Beebe, Michael

Source: Journal of AHIMA - Coding Notes

Publication Date: October 2003

In 1998, the American Medical Association (AMA) initiated the CPT-5 Project. This project was a broad-based and comprehensive effort to make needed and practical enhancements to the CPT code set that would address challenges presented by emerging user needs and HIPAA. One of the initiatives tha....

Understanding Diabetes Mellitus

Author: Huff, Garry L.

Source: Journal of AHIMA - Coding Notes

Publication Date: November 2003

Diabetes mellitus represents a group of disorders that are characterized by hyperglycemia. The clinical and ICD-9-CM classification of diabetes mellitus have evolved as understanding of insulin physiology has expanded. This article will explain diabetes mellitus and its ICD-9-CM classification....

Taking the Next Step Forward for ICD-10

Author: Rode, Dan

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: January 2004

In November 2003 the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) agreed to recommend that the secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) adopt the ICD-10-CM and the ICD-10-PCS classification standards as replacement for the ICD-9-CM classification currently used in the US.

Changes Abundant for CPT 2004

Author: Hull, Susan

Source: Journal of AHIMA - Coding Notes

Publication Date: January 2004

Changes for CPT 2004 affect all chapters, and it’s important to stay up to speed. This article presents a summary of CPT changes for 2004. Because a number of the procedures may be unfamiliar to some coding professionals, AHIMA has provided online links to descriptive articles on these s....

Coding Dementia

Author: Laakso, Roz

Source: Journal of AHIMA - Coding Notes

Publication Date: October 2004

Dementia is defined as “a deterioration of intellectual function and other cognitive skills, leading to a decline in the ability to perform activities of daily living.”1 Alzheimer’s disease is an age-related, irreversible brain disorder that occurs gradually and results in me....

Keeping up to Date: 2005 CPT Surgery Changes

Author: Hull, Susan

Source: Journal of AHIMA - Coding Notes

Publication Date: January 2005

CPT changes for 2005 affect all portions of the manual, although there are very few changes in the pathology and laboratory section. This article will focus on the changes for the surgery section. The January and February 2005 issues of CodeWrite (available through the Coding Community of Prac....

US Must Adopt ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS

Author: AHIMA

Source: AHIMA position statement

Publication Date: July 21, 2005

Immediate Action to Upgrade Medical Code Set Standards Needed

AHIMA's Position

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) must immediately initiate the regulatory process for adoption and implementation of ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS code sets (referred to as ICD-1....

Coding Complex Bariatric Surgery

Author: Hull, Susan

Source: Journal of AHIMA - Coding Notes

Publication Date: October 2005

Bariatric, or weight-loss, surgery is a rapidly evolving specialty. From jejunocolic and jejuno-ileal bypass procedures, through the days of minimally invasive procedures such as gastric balloons and endoscopic-banded gastroplasty, to today’s procedures that involve both gastroplasty and....

2006 CPT Coding Update

Author: Hull, Susan

Source: Journal of AHIMA - Coding Notes | Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: January 2006

A number of changes to CPT codes take effect January 1, 2006. These changes affect category I, II, and III codes, with a total of 277 additions, 110 deletions, and 71 code revisions.
Evaluation and Management

Within the evaluation and management (E/M) section, the codes for fol....

Testimony of Gloryanne Bryant to the Health Subcommittee of the Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives

Author: Bryant, Gloryanne H.

Source: AHIMA testimony and comments

Publication Date: April 06, 2006

April 6, 2006

Chairman Johnson, Congressman Stark, members of the Health Subcommittee, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. I am Gloryanne Bryant, corporate director for coding and Health Information Management (HIM) compliance with Catholic Healthcare West (CHW). I speak to you tod....

Effective and Efficient Public Health Reporting Using ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS

Author: Watzlaf, Valerie J.M.; Garvin, Jennifer Hornung; Moeini, Sohrab; Firouzan, Patricia Anania

Source: AHIMA Convention

Publication Date: October 31, 2006

Effective Public Health Reporting Using ICD-10-CM
Valerie JM Watzlaf, PhD, FAHIMA, RHIA, Jennifer Hornung Garvin, PhD, FAHIMA, RHIA, CTR, CCS, CPHQ, Sohrab Moeini, BSIS, and Patti Firouzan, MSIS, RHIA

The emergence of ICD-10-CM brings anticipation about....

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