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Working with an Incentive Program for Transcription

Author: Anderson, Jamelia

Source: Brief Encounter

Publication Date: November 02, 1998

After several months of planning, Smith-Glynn-Callaway, a multi-specialty clinic in Springfield, MO, implemented an incentive program for transcription. Since the inception of the program on March 16, great strides have been made. Previously, the medical transcriptionists worked many long hou....

Prescribing a Clean Bill of Health for Data

Author: Fletcher, Donna M.

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: January 1999

Ensuring data quality is not really glamorous, but it is critical," Jane Griffin, vice president of business solutions for Prism Solutions in Atlanta, GA, maintains. "And nowhere is it more critical than in the healthcare environment."

A data warehouse can b....

Journal Q&A (1/99)

Author: AHIMA Staff

Source: AHIMA Q and A

Publication Date: January 02, 1999

Q: I hear a lot of technical terms being used lately by information systems staff and I feel like I'm not speaking their "jargon." Could you clarify the meaning of some of these terms? Specifically, they are SQL, Java, TCP/IP, and IPX.

A: SQL stands for structured query language, whi....

What Winning CPR Implementations Can Teach Us

Author: Fuller, Sandra R.

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: January 1999

"Perhaps the single most important characteristic of successful CPR implementations is the view that the implementation is not finished, and that any CPR implementation is a means to achieve improvements in healthcare quality, cost, and access, not an end in itself."


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