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ACE Program Celebrates First Year, Milestones

Author: AHIMA

Source: AHIMA Advantage

Publication Date: October 2008

In its first year ACE (Action Community for e-HIM Excellence) already has more than 500 members. ACE members have reached out to component state associations (CSAs) and allied health professionals by speaking, writing, testifying, and mentoring. Members provide their HIM expertise and then report it to AHIMA. This article presents some of the highlights from the first year.

Achieving Health Information Systems Interoperability

Author: Orlova, Anna

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: June 2015

With the growing adoption of health information technology (HIT), interoperability—or the sharing of data between systems—has become a topic that everybody in healthcare is talking about. Interoperability impacts every stakeholder in healthcare with each individual party involv....

Administrative Simplification in HR 3962

Author: AHIMA

Source: AHIMA Advocacy and Policy

Publication Date: November 15, 2009

HR 3962: Affordable Health Care for America Act

Division A – Affordable Health Care Choices

Title I – Immediate Reforms

Section 115 – Administrative Simplification [pg 76-89]
Section 1173A – Standardize Electronic Administrative Tr....

Advancing HIM Issues in 2004: the Quiet Storm

Author: Asmonga, Donald D.

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: February 2005

Although healthcare headed the 108th Congress’s agenda in the first session, its second session included little in the way of HIM issues, focusing instead on election-year topics. However, the healthcare-lite agenda didn’t stop AHIMA from advancing its work in 2004.
A New Voi....

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