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Information Governance Annotated Bibliography

Author: AHIMA Staff

Source: AHIMA bibliography

Publication Date: April 2014

.. Information Governance Annotated Bib.. ..ay. “Making the Case for Information Governance.”Ebook. FCS I.. ..02/24/making-the-case-for Information -governance-ebook-on-slid.. ..assurance that Information assets are being managed.., Greg. “Importance of Information Governance.”London: eDJG..

Personal Genomic Information Management and Personalized Medicine: Challenges, Current Solutions, and Roles of HIM Professionals

Author: Alzu'bi, Amal; Zhou, Leming; Watzlaf, Valerie J.M.

Source: Perspectives in Health Information Management

Publication Date: April 2014

.. and the roles of health Information management (HIM) profess.. ..tilizes personal medical Information to tailor strategies and.. ..certain personal genomic Information ) so that they can make a.. ..s accordingly. 2 Health Information management (HIM) profess.. ..ep for utilizing genomic Information in a healthcare setting ..

Optimizing Data Representation Through the Use of SNOMED CT

Author: Bronnert, June; Daube, Julie L; Jopp, Gretchen; Peterson, Kathleen; Rihanek, Theresa; Scichilone, Rita A; Tucker, Vanna

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: March 2014

..n. For many years health Information management (HIM) profess.. ..ded for documentation or Information sharing between clinicia.. ..ation design so that the Information that is represented is d.. ..te the detailed clinical Information documented within the he.. ..enting electronic health Information that is used to meet sta..

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