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Take a "Deep Dive" into Information Stewardship

Author: Kennedy, Angela

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: November 2014

.. Health Informatics and Information management professionals.. ..nce framework to support Information as an asset. HIM profess.. ..d health informatics and Information management professionals.. .. A strong commitment to Information governance as a framewor.. ..itiatives will reinforce Information as an asset. But we cann..

Taking the Lead in Information Governance

Author: Meehan, Ann M.

Source: AHIMA blog post | Journal of AHIMA - website

Publication Date: February 16, 2017

..your organization has an Information governance (IG) program .. .. fully conceived, health Information management (HIM) profess.. around patient health Information for many years.  Th.. ..zation to ensure patient Information is accurate and up to da.. ..s it across all types of Information , across all business uni..

Taking the Measure of Inpatient EHRs: Hospitals Inch Closer to Certified Products

Author: Metzger, Jane; Welebob, Emily; Del Beccaro, Mark; Spurr, Cindy

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: May 2007

..ivacy of personal health Information The pr.. ..ommission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT SM , s.. ..dash;the American Health Information Management Association, .. ..the Healthcare Information and Management Systems S.. ..onal Alliance for Health Information Technology—joined ..

Taking your IG Pulse

Author: Washington, Lydia

Source: AHIMA blog post | Journal of AHIMA - website

Publication Date: September 30, 2015

..als who are starting the Information governance (IG) journey... ..ondents receive baseline Information for important indicators.. .. Derived from AHIMA’s Information Governance Adoption Mode.. ..d achieve organizational Information governance goals. Used e.. ..s pursuing excellence in Information governance. ..

Technology Overview

Author: Connecting for Health

Source: External - used with permission

Publication Date: June 25, 2008

..etworked Personal Health Information , which is available in f.. ..dling of personal health Information as it flows to and from .. ..efficient electronic Information technology... ..images, labs, and Information captured by.. ..can help get the right Information to the right..

Template: Information Governance Charter

Author: AHIMA

Source: AHIMA sample form

Publication Date: 2015

.. Information Governance Charter Templ.. ..he group has appropriate Information and resources to accompl.. ..and quorum requirements); Information Governance Charter Templ.. ..agement, and integrity of Information acrossits.. ..ate siloed approaches to Information ..

The Year Ahead

Author: Butler, Mary

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: January 2015

.. that birders and health Information management (HIM) profess.. ..cols; and realizing that Information governance (IG) is going.. ..ures of protected health Information to health plans if servi.. .. Information Governance .. .. Information governance (IG) in the h..

Three Practical IG Projects You Should Implement Today

Author: Butler, Mary

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: February 2017

.. Between 2015 and 2016, Information governance (IG) went fro.. ..ces, and regional health Information organizations, to follow.. .. or “pilot” AHIMA’s Information Governance Adoption Mode.. .. of their organization’s Information , and serve as an example.. .. Creating an Information asset inventory ..

Time for Information Governance is Now

Author: Gordon, Lynne Thomas

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: October 2014

..014 has been the year of Information governance (IG). .. .. From Information Governance Month in Febr.. ..ssionals understand that Information is critical to coordinat.. ..ldquo;govern” this Information . .. ..ects of governing health Information , particularly on quality..

Time to Get on Board with IG

Author: Birnbaum, Cassi L

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: August 2015

..of trust in the data and Information we encounter in our work.. ..ta that is translated to Information and used for clinical, f.. ..have done in the area of Information governance (IG). We have.. .. proliferation of health Information exchange in the healthca.. .. and increasingly shares Information with engaged consumers, ..

Time to Raise Your Standards?

Author: AHIMA

Source: AHIMA Advantage

Publication Date: August 2006

..e HDR organizes clinical Information residing on multiple sys.. ..hen the national health Information network (NHIN) is built.. ..nt efficient exchange of Information . But momentum is buildin.. ..eroperability and enable Information to be brought to the poi.. ..nurses will have better Information , which will improve qua..

Tools for Defining Data

Author: Shakir, Abdul-Malik

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: September 1999

..arts they play in health Information exchange. .. ..value they add to health Information management. .. .. or clinical Information systems, and highlight t.. ..nt of health Information , a diverse and often wid.. ..f difficulties in health Information exchange, ranging from ..

Tools of the E-Discovery Trade: Taxonomy Fundamentals for Managing Document Management Systems

Author: Nunn, Sandra L.

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: November 2008

..iness folder for billing Information . The key to retrieval in.. ..ion’s unstructured Information . They also capture most .. ..ation’s structured Information , which then can be trans.. ..aggregate the structured Information to make organizational f.. .. people use unstructured Information every day, they rarely t..

Train Your IG Workforce Now

Author: Glondys, Barbara

Source: AHIMA blog post | Journal of AHIMA - website

Publication Date: February 18, 2016

.. Although health Information management professionals.. ..ocket Glossary of Health Information Management and Technolog.. ..the goal of high quality Information .. ..ers a climate of valuing Information throughout the organizat.. .. strategies that enhance Information quality and use ..

Transforming Data into Meaning: Standards-based Capabilities to Bring Disparate Data Sources Together

Author: Selsky, Darren

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: March 2016

..n a daily basis to unite Information from diverse sources, su.. ..rrent spending on health Information technology (HIT) integra.. .. improved flow of health Information across the entire patien.. ..uum. This means a shared Information strategy linking dispara.. .. create an interoperable Information space. While this utopia..

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