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Hospital Authority Clinical Vocabulary Table: the Past, the Present, and the Future

Author: Fung, V.; Cheung, N T; Szeto, K; Ngai, L; Lau, M; Kong, J HB

Source: IFHRO Congress | AHIMA Convention

Publication Date: October 15, 2004

.. development of clinical Information systems is well establis.. ..between various clinical Information systems. An ongoing main.. ..cian's need. As clinical Information systems advance, future .. ..evelopment of healthcare Information today. 1 There is no.. ..blic hospitals' clinical Information systems. The Ho..

How Law, Investigation, Ethics Connect to HIPAA

Author: Ruano, Michael

Source: In Confidence (newsletter)

Publication Date: November 02, 2003

..troduces the domains of Information security and relates the.. ..l HIPAA regulations. The Information security domain of law,.. .. and react to potential Information security incidents. .. ..rotects only healthcare Information , the broad and general .. .. Information security concepts can be..

IG Allows Organizations to Embrace Information as an Asset

Author: Kennedy, Angela

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: October 2014

..uestion: “What is health Information management?” As informat.. based on the value of Information become standard, HIM pro.. .. healthcare data and the Information derived from it.” .. ..e of healthcare data and Information . The need for informatio.. ..d without trusted health Information . ..

IG Roundtable: Assessing Organizational Progress in Implementing IG Practices

Author: Bowen, Rita K.; Phelps, Cindy; Muscarella, Maria A.

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: August 2015

.. progress in formalizing Information governance (IG) programs.. ..portunities for Stronger Information Governance” attracted 80.. .. environment, enterprise Information governance must pick up .. ..d financial performance. Information is a strategic asset tha.. .. process of implementing Information governance? ..

Implementing IG ... One Step at a Time

Author: Gordon, Lynne Thomas

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: August 2015

..o take up the banner for Information governance (IG) but who .. ..pically see the need for Information governance, and they fac.. to begin. In “ Information Governance’s Next .. ..uo; Getting Started with Information Governance .” Erin.. ..dquo; Owning the EHR and Information Governance at Your Facil..

Improve Data and Outcomes with CDI

Author: Kennedy, Angela

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: July 2014

.. Information governance can support C.. ..ure the effective use of Information across the enterprise. T.. ..ith guidelines to manage Information as a business asset. The.. ..tation is facilitated by Information governance through the s.. the documentation and Information used for care decisions ..

Informatics Education for HIM Professionals in the Era of Interoperable Standards-Based HIEs

Author: Orlova, Anna; Lehmann, Harold

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: February 2015

..tronic sharing of health Information , both within and between.. .. of interoperable health Information technology (HIT) solutio.. ..EHR) systems, laboratory Information management systems (LIMS.. .., radiology and pharmacy Information systems, public health a.. ..nd research Information systems, and numerous gr..

Information as an Asset

Author: Kennedy, Angela

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: November 2013

.. Health Information managers have a long his.. .. The term " Information governance" is integral .. .. Information governance will move HIM.. Our understanding of Information governance positions us .. ..s for our organizations. Information governance is necessary ..

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