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Featured Articles

4/2/15 Instituting an Enterprise-wide PHI Disclosure Management Strategy
Zeiour, Collette; Twiggs, Mariela
4/2/15 Evaluating the Information Governance Principles for Healthcare: Integrity and Protection
Datskovsky, Galina; Hedges, Ron; Empel, Sofia; Washington, Lydia
4/2/15 Clearing the HIPAA Cobwebs: New ONC Chief Privacy Officer Lucia Savage Focuses on Balancing Privacy and Security with Expanding Interoperable EHR Exchange
Dimick, Chris
4/2/15 Six Months and Counting: Are You Ready for ICD-10-CM/PCS Implementation?
DeVault, Kathryn
4/2/15 Cracking Encryption: Despite Benefits, Technology Still Not Widely Used to Combat Multi-Million Dollar Breaches
Butler, Mary
4/2/15 Butler_CrackingEncryption.jpg
3/2/15 Ready or Not, HIM is Changing: Results of the New HIM Competencies Survey Show Skill Gaps Between Education Levels, Students, and Working Professionals
Sandefer, Ryan; Karl, Ellen Shakespeare
3/2/15 Privacy and Security for All: Building the “Model Clinic” for Healthcare Security and Compliance
Rogers, Anne M
3/2/15 Physician Fee Schedule Released for 2015
Ward, Maria N
3/2/15 Fixing a Broken EHR: HIM Working in the Spotlight to Solve Common EHR Issues
Butler, Mary
2/2/15 Evaluating the Information Governance Principles for Healthcare: Accountability and Transparency
Datskovsky, Galina; Hedges, Ron; Empel, Sofia
2/2/15 Dissecting the Details: Documentation Based Coding Model Offers Advanced Approach to Workforce Coding Training
Karff, Diana
2/2/15 Optimizing PHI Disclosure Management in the Age of Compliance
Hardwick, Don; Twiggs, Mariela; Braden, James H
2/2/15 CPT Updates for CY 2015
Buttner, Patty
2/2/15 Mind the Gap: HIM Rushes to Bridge Educational and Professional Gaps Caused by a Quickly Advancing Industry
Butler, Mary
1/2/15 mHealth’s Role in Consumerism and Connectivity
Levin, David; Gordon, Debra
1/2/15 Top Ten Challenges of Passing the CCS Examination (And How to Overcome Them)
Horn, Kelli
1/2/15 GEMs: Buyers Beware
Reed, Diana
1/2/15 The Year Ahead
Butler, Mary
11/2/14 Keeping Current in the Electronic Era: Data Age Transforming HIM’s Mandatory Workforce Competencies
Sandefer, Ryan H; DeAlmeida, Dilhari R; Dougherty, Michelle; Mancilla, Desla; Marc, David T
11/2/14 ICD-10’s Impact Reaches Far Beyond Coding: Examining the New Code Sets’ Revenue Cycle Implications
Arends-Marquez, Alexa; Knight, Nicole; Thomas-Flowers, Dwan
11/2/14 Making Health Information Exchange Work: HIOs Currently Not Ready to Support the Information Needs of a Reformed Healthcare System—But Small Changes Offer Big Outcomes
Callan, Kathy; Fuller, Jan; Galterio, Lou; Just, Beth; Reich, Kimberly; Steigerwald, Christine;
11/2/14 Be e-Prepared: Tips for Tackling Ever-Changing Electronic Audits, e-Discovery, and e-Measures
Butler, Mary
10/2/14 The Way Forward: AHIMA Develops Information Governance Principles to Lead Healthcare Toward Better Data Management
Empel, Sofia
10/2/14 Slow to the Information Governance Starting Line
Dimick, Chris
10/2/14 Reliable Coded Data Require a Reliable Coding Process Framework
Bielby, Judy A
10/2/14 Tracking HIE’s Ever Evolving Operational Models
Callan, Kathy; Galterio, Lou; Just, Beth; Reich, Kimberly ; Steigerwald, Christine;
9/2/14 Healthcare DIY: Empowering Consumers to Optimize their Healthcare through Health Information
Butler, Mary
9/2/14 Accessing and Using Data from Wearable Fitness Devices
Rhodes, Harry
9/2/14 Who Are You? Authenticating Consumer Identity is Becoming Increasingly Important in Healthcare
McKay, Tim
9/2/14 Healthcare On Demand: An Expanding World of Telemedicine Raises New Questions for HIM Professionals
Eramo, Lisa A
9/2/14 Coding ICD-10-PCS Procedures in the Ancillary Sections: Understanding Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation Therapy
Kostick, Karen; Sanvik, Gina
8/2/14 Myths of ICD-10-CM/PCS
Bowman, Sue
8/2/14 Roles for HIM Professionals in HIOs
Bailey-Woods, Linda; Dooling, Julie; Fabian, Diane; Kuehnast, Tanya; Luthi-Terry, Stephanie;
8/2/14 Coming Soon to Your Healthcare Facility: Information Governance: A Look at Healthcare Information Governance Trends through Practical Case Studies
Kadlec, Lesley
7/2/14 Document Like This, Not That: CDI Insights from the Physician and CDI Specialist Perspective
Lo, Wil
7/2/14 Selecting the Ideal CDI Physician Advisor
Huff, Garry L; Fee, James P; Clesi, Wendy; Perry, Joni; Rajappan, Melissa
7/2/14 Coding ICD-10-PCS Procedures in the Ancillary Sections: Understanding Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation Therapy
Kostick, Karen; Sanvik, Gina
7/2/14 Reinventing CDI: Organizations Relaunching And Reworking Data Integrity Efforts, And Coding Roles, With Clinical Documentation Improvement Programs
Butler, Mary
6/2/14 Trust But Verify: Safeguards in Contracting for Outsourced Coding Services
Sett, Ajit; Hickman, George T; Karban, Karen
6/2/14 Don’t Deny the Denials: Experts Recommend Implementing a Strong Claims Denial Strategy to Offset ICD-10-based Coder Productivity Loss
Eramo, Lisa A
6/2/14 Coding ICD-10-PCS Medical and Surgical-Related Sections: Understanding Osteopathic, Other Procedures, and Chiropractic
Barta, Ann
6/2/14 Bird’s Eye View of ICD-10 Documentation Gaps: Vendor analysis offers big picture look at nationwide documentation holes—and how to fill them
Hinkle-Azzara, Barbara; Carr, Kimberly J
6/2/14 Not So Fast! Congress Delays ICD-10-CM/PCS: Examining How the Delay Happened, Its Industry Impact, and How Best to Proceed
Butler, Mary
5/2/14 Coding ICD-10-PCS Medical and Surgical-Related Sections: Understanding Measurement and Monitoring, Extracorporeal Assistance and Performance, and Extracorporeal Therapies
Barta, Ann
5/2/14 Paging Dr. Watson: IBM’s Watson Supercomputer Now Being Used in Healthcare
Lee, Howard
5/2/14 Adapt or Disappear: AHIMA’s Reality 2016 has a New Mission to Transform the HIM Workforce through Education—or Else
Butler, Mary
5/2/14 Weaving Together a Healthcare Improvement Tapestry
Rubin, Joshua C; Friedman, Charles P
5/2/14 Evolving ROI Specialists into Health Record Ambassadors
Bowen, Rita; Smith, Alisha; Thomas, Keith W
4/2/14 ONC Issues Guides for SAFER EHRs
Sittig, Dean F; Singh, Hardeep
4/2/14 Top HITECH-HIPAA Compliance Obstacles Emerge
Butler, Mary
4/2/14 Combating the Privacy Crime That Can KILL
McNabb, Joanne; Rhodes, Harry B
4/2/14 On the HIPAA Hook
Hicks, Andrew
4/2/14 Coding ICD-10-PCS Medical and Surgical-Related Sections: Understanding Obstetrics, Placement, And Administration
Barta, Ann
3/2/14 Healthcare Reaches the EHR Tipping Point
Butler, Mary
3/2/14 Status Update: Social Media Exchanges are Sometimes Part of the Health Record
McWay, Dana C; Smith, K. Jody
3/2/14 WARNING Health IT May Be Hazardous to Your Healthcare: New Health IT Hazard Manager Helps Providers and Vendors Track Electronic Health Systems’ Side Effects
Dimick, Chris
3/2/14 Coding Root Operations with ICD-10-PCS: Understanding Fusion, Alteration, and Creation
Rihanek, Theresa
2/2/14 New Name of the HIM Game
Abrams, Kelly; Giannangelo, Kathy; Schneider, Sue; Scichilone, Rita
2/2/14 Making Data Smart: Practical informatics is helping transform data into health intelligence, and now moving into day-to-day HIM work
Crawford, Mark
Barta, Ann
2/2/14 Learning More About Terminology Asset Management Trends, Principles, and Definitions
Abrams, Kelly; Giannangelo, Kathy; Schneider, Sue; Scichilone, Rita
1/2/14 Taking Coding to the Next Level through Clinical Validation
1/2/14 Scan a Med, Save a Life: Advocates Work to Introduce GS1 in the Healthcare Industry, Promise Safer Care
Hay, Christian
1/2/14 Setting the Standard: EHR Quality Reporting Rises in Prominence Due to Meaningful Use
Dolin, Robert H.; Goodrich, Kate; Kallem, Crystal; Alschuler, Liora; Holtz, Patrice
1/2/14 Using Data to Survive RAC Attacks: Analyzing Audit Data Helps Mitigate Future RAC Risk
Crump, Dawn
1/2/14 Coding Root Operations with ICD-10-PCS: Understanding Insertion, Supplement, and Removal
Rihanek, Theresa
1/2/14 The Year Ahead for HIM: Reflecting on HIM’s Past Year, and Looking to Its Future in 2014
Butler, Mary
11/2/13 Keeping Information Clean: New Information Governance Efforts Challenge HIM to Sort Out Dirty Data
Butler, Mary
11/2/13 Coding Root Operations with ICD-10-PCS: Understanding Bypass, Inspection, and Map
DeVault, Kathryn
11/2/13 Five Risky HIE Practices that Threaten Data Integrity
Landsbach, Grant; Just, Beth Haenke
11/2/13 Step Inside the Physician's Head: EHRs Can Enhance a Physician’s Cognitive Processing and Eliminate Diagnostic Errors, With Some HIM-led Changes
Campbell, Robert James
10/2/13 Meaningful Use of Patient-Generated Data in EHRs
Van Doornik, William
10/2/13 Meaningful Use and Disaster Infrastructure Q&A: HIM Professionals Share Lessons Learned
Dooling, Julie A
10/2/13 Coding Root Operations with ICD-10-PCS: Understanding Restriction, Occlusion, and Dilation
Comfort, Angie
10/2/13 The Five Rights of Clinical Decision Support: CDS Tools Helpful for Meeting Meaningful Use
Campbell, Robert
10/2/13 Meaningful Use Opens Up Its Deep End
Butler, Mary
9/2/13 Coding Root Operations with ICD-10-PCS: Understanding Transplantation, Reattachment, Transfer, and Reposition
Rihanek, Theresa
9/2/13 Healthcare’s Data Revolution: How Data is Changing the Industry and Reshaping HIM’s Roles
Eramo, Lisa A
9/2/13 The Good, Bad, and Reality of Offshore Coding: Some Turn to Distant Shores to Fill US Coding Demands
Gurrieri, Joseph J; Karban, Karen M
9/2/13 Leading Innovation in Enterprise Information Governance
Kloss, Linda L
8/2/13 HIM’s Evolving Workforce: Preparing for the Electronic Age’s HIM Profession Shake-up
Jacob, Julie A
8/2/13 The Next HIM Frontier: Population Health Information Management Presents a New Opportunity for HIM
Cassidy, Bonnie S
7/2/13 Truth about Computer-Assisted Coding: A Consultant, HIM Professional, and Vendor Weigh in on the Real CAC Impact
Crawford, Mark
7/2/13 Clinical Documentation Improvement—A Physician Perspective: Insider Tips for getting Physician Participation in CDI Programs
Towers, Adele L
7/2/13 Coding Root Operations with ICD-10-PCS: Understanding Division, Release, Control, and Repair
Endicott, Melanie
7/2/13 Coding with Integrity: Top Coding Tips from AHIMA Experts
Bielby, Judy A
7/2/13 Study Reveals Hard Facts on CAC
Dougherty, Michelle; Seabold, Sandra; White, Susan E
6/2/13 YOU ARE HERE—ICD-10-CM/PCS Status Check: Three Hundred HIM Professionals Report
Barnhouse, Torrey; Rudman, William
6/2/13 Joining Forces on ICD-10-CM/PCS: Collaboratives Form to Help Handle Coding Transition
Jahn, Mark

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