Resolution on Diversity and Inclusion

Submitted by Diversity CoP members: Dwayne M. Lewis, RHIT, CCS, Vera Rulon, RHIT, CCS, Stacie L. Buck, RHIA, CCS-P, LHRM, RCC & 2010-2011 Best Practices/Standards House Team

Supported by the Board of Directors


This resolution is intended to advance AHIMA's commitment to a culture that respects diversity and inclusion throughout its organization, the federation and the HIM profession at large. To achieve this end, this resolution calls upon AHIMA and its affiliates to reaffirm:

  • The inclusiveness of membership within AHIMA and the availability of opportunities for all.
  • The adoption of meaningful, actionable and durable diversity and inclusion practices to expand the real opportunities available to all HIM professionals, including opportunities to fully participate in AHIMA.
  • Engaging the AHIMA community in advancing the goals of enhanced professional opportunities for all and improved value of the membership experience.
  • The respect of individual character, personal beliefs, differences, and privacy and other rights of all HIM professionals and AHIMA members.
  • Monitoring the impact of these practices to improve and strengthen them over time.


Whereas, human diversity can be defined as differences in race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical and/or mental capabilities, and religious beliefs;

Whereas, vast professional diversity exists within the expansive domains of HIM practice;

Whereas, all humans are possessed with unique, rich cultural histories, backgrounds and personal experiences deserving of universal respect and acceptance;

Whereas, AHIMA's student population promises greater future diversity in AHIMA membership;

Whereas, it is believed that greater diversity enriches and adds value to AHIMA membership, the HIM practice experience, and the innovation and creativity of AHIMA;

Whereas, the AHIMA Code of Ethics clearly states that the "inherent dignity and worth of every person" should be respected.

Therefore, let it be:

Resolved, That AHIMA's Board of Directors will examine and update as necessary diversity and inclusion initiatives continuing to enable and encourage participation by national and state leaders of AHIMA and its membership.

Resolved, That the AHIMA initiatives will serve as an effective means for promoting a culture of diversity and expanding professional opportunities for all and volunteer leadership opportunities in the AHIMA and its affiliated organizations.

Resolved, That Component State Associations affiliated with AHIMA should be encouraged to adopt and implement diversity and inclusion practices to better serve their members.

Resolved, That the AHIMA Foundation should evaluate on an ongoing basis the scholarship opportunities for students of personal or professional characteristics currently underrepresented in the HIM profession and the faculty that teach them and seek additional funding where needed.

Approved by the 2011-2012 House of Delegates