Final Rule for Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information. Resources

Analysis by the AHIMA Policy and Government Relations Team

Initially the reader will find only a few Web site resources available. As with other HIPAA components, this will change as the industry matures in its understanding. Since the final Rule has already created comments, the Secretary has already indicated that several technical amendments will be made. Readers should be alert to AHIMA and DHHS's Web sites to stay abreast of the current status on the Privacy Rule.

AHIMA members have been and are key to the privacy process. AHIMA will be expanding these resources in the area of policy, models, best practices, privacy officer helps, and so forth.

At present the following Web sites offer:

Federal Register:
Final Rule

Privacy NPRM

DHHS Administrative Simplification Web Page:

DHHS Office of Civil Rights

DHHS Privacy Committee

HIPAA - Privacy Standards

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