Managing Amendments in an HIE Environment. Appendix A Checklist: Questions to Consider Before Participating in an HIE

  1. What is each provider’s responsibility for providing accurate and complete data?
  2. What is each provider’s responsibility for updating inaccurate or incomplete data?
  3. What role does the HIE play in facilitating or assisting with the updating of patient data?
  4. Does the HIE maintain a robust audit trail to allow a provider to determine whether other providers accessed the inaccurate or incomplete data?
  5. How quickly will the HIE provide the audit trail to a provider?
  6. Does a provider have the ability to run the audit trail on its own?
  7. What will the HIE do if contacted directly by a patient requesting an amendment?
  8. Will the HIE provide contact information for the originating provider to the patient requesting an amendment?
  9. Will the HIE provide the patient with contact information for all other providers who have accessed the data in question?
  10. Once requested by the originating provider to update patient data, how quickly will the HIE act?
  11. What is the escalation process if the corrected information needs to be disseminated quickly for patient safety?
  12. What other functionality (if any) does the HIE provide for facilitating amendments (i.e., option for banner to alert providers of amended information, highlighting of amended information, etc.)?
  13. What is the current process for correcting errors in the electronic health record?