Volunteer and Leadership Development

Submitted by the Volunteer and Leadership Development House of Delegates Team


Whereas, strong volunteers in leadership roles and a leadership model are critical and necessary to the success of the AHIMA federation, which includes the American Health Information Management Association and the AHIMA Foundation boards and committees, the Commission on Certification of Health Informatics and Information Management, the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education, component state associations, and their local and regional associations;

Whereas, association leadership, industry leadership and professional leadership are three strategic areas of leadership that intersect, creating common traits and skills that are consistent and transferrable from one area of leadership to another;

Whereas, skills and experience in association leadership, industry leadership, or professional leadership may lead to success in a volunteer leadership role in which to govern the association;

Whereas, the time and talents of volunteers are valued resources;

Whereas, an individual's volunteering experience tends to follow a progression from task- oriented experiences to governance positions and succession plans are necessary to plan and manage the progression;

Whereas, volunteers perform best with clear expectations and knowledge of desired competencies;

Whereas, today's students are tomorrow's leaders and lifelong learning and mentoring are necessary for successful progression in leadership;

Whereas, volunteer recruitment in addition to retention is necessary to bring new volunteers and experience to leadership roles for AHIMA to be successful;

Therefore, be it

Resolved, That a leadership model matches the needs of the volunteer positions with the knowledge, skills, and desires of potential volunteers;

Resolved, That AHIMA develops and implements succession planning for its volunteer leadership positions and communicates core competencies for volunteer positions for all levels of leadership and governance volunteer positions;

Resolved, That training is available for volunteer opportunities and volunteer recognition and rewards are appropriate and meaningful;

Resolved, That students are valuable resources and are considered when filling volunteer positions;

Resolved, That AHIMA embraces inclusion and diverse volunteer leaders;

Resolved, That AHIMA's volunteer leadership opportunities are publicly announced, easily available, and transparent to interested individuals with sufficient information provided about each opportunity; and

Resolved, That AHIMA members take advantage of volunteer leadership opportunities to support AHIMA and their own personal and professional growth, take advantage of lifelong learning opportunities, and mentor tomorrow's leaders.

Approved by the 2009-10 House of Delegates, October 4, 2009, Grapevine, Texas