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Journal Q&A (3/02)

Author: AHIMA Staff

Source: AHIMA Q and A

Publication Date: March 02, 2002

Q: My facility administers flu vaccines to patients without requiring a scheduled appointment. Must the vaccine consents obtained be filed in the individual’s health record and how long should we retain them?

A: Consent forms are indeed part of an individual’s legal health....

Quality at the Core

Author: Zender, Anne

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: March 2002

Is your hospital getting ready for the Joint Commission’s core measures project? Some hospitals are already transmitting the necessary data as part of the pilot project. Here’s how they are handling the challenges and deriving benefits.
If you’re an HIM director, you prob....

AHIMA Offers Tips, Tools for Auditing in Long-term Care

Author: AHIMA

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: November 2001

Once upon a time, the role of the medical records department in a long-term care (LTC) facility was to file and assemble discharge records. Those days are long gone. Today, it is critical for HIM practitioners to focus on the content and quality of the documentation in the medical record.

Teaching Physician Guidelines

Author: Graff, Jean Stevens

Source: Brief Encounter

Publication Date: September 02, 2001

Working in an orthopedic clinic, I understand the great need for my newly created position. I am employed at a teaching hospital as a medical record auditor charged with the task of educating physicians on the art of coding and documentation. My job is to ensure compliance with the Medicare ma....

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